About The Medieval Archer Hub

Hey my fellow Medieval Archery lovers! We hope you are ready to learn more about Archery, enjoy this awesome way of life with us and grab yourself a new bow, crossbow or some equipment! 


The Medieval Archer Hub’s Mission

We want to help people who are new to Archery learn how to get into the art of Archery. Then, recommend the bows and/or equipment needed to get started.

For experts or the ones who already know the ways of the “Archery force” (Totally “not” a Star Wars reference by the way), we want to help by recommending the top quality traditional archery items that outperform the archer’s expectations + see if we can teach you something that you have never heard of (related to Archery of course).


The Story In Short

My wife and I started The Medieval Archer Hub in 2017. Our passion (and my first true love… don’t tell my Wife Stacey though) for Traditional Archery started around the age of 9. If you’ve heard of or watched any of the older Lord of the Rings and know who Legolas is then imagine a little 9 year old kid dressed as that for Halloween for 3 years in a row. I was and still am obsessed over my bows, crossbows, arrows and bolts that I have gotten over the years from Renaissance Festival’s, online, custom handmade and a few other places.


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