Fun Facts About Archery Target Blocks and Why Getting a Well Made One is Worth the Money

Practice makes perfect in every single aspect of life, and the fastest way to get to perfect is ensuring that practice is done with the best tools available. This is especially true in disciplines such as archery.

Before you become a great archer, you must spend a lot of time practicing and improving. That’s why ensuring every tool used in target practice has the highest quality will help you very much even in things often overlooked such as your target. Yellow Jacket Archery Target Block

Currently one of the most utilized targets in archery because of their great practicality and versatility are archery target blocks. These blocks are great for all kinds of archers, the best made of them are designed to take advantage of the blocks’ multiple sides and have faces especially intended for broad-head arrows as well as faces designed to endure only field tip arrows.

Well-made targets are made of a high-density waterproof polyethylene foam, in comparison to other, more traditional targets packed with straw, layers of cardboard and plastic sheets over the top, are target blocks are really great because they last for a couple of years even with frequent use and are a lot easier to move around due to them being more lightweight.

The technology utilized in the foam causes the heat generated from an incoming arrow to create friction, which leads to the target to grab the arrow shaft. When the heat dissipates, after a few moments of the arrow hitting the target, the removal of it becomes notably easier.

Something You May Not Know About Archery Target Blocks

A lot of people might not know about archery target blocks is that they utilize a higher density core in the center of the target, where theoretically the target sees more arrows. One of the last facts that might interest you about the construction and materials used in archery target blocks is that the foam is weather resistant: they can withstand harsh summer heat (close to 40 degrees Celsius) and frosty winters with only a plastic sheet over the face. Quality archery block

It may be counter intuitive spending money on the quality of a material that you are sure to shoot up, but rest assured you have every single reason to do so. Spending on a good target will save you countless hassles that may arise from not spending the extra buck when necessary.

Quality archery target blocks have everything you would want when building a practice shooting set in your backyard. They are extremely lightweight, which makes them the perfect target to carry around and store in your house. Easy removal of arrows is guaranteed thanks to heat technology implemented in archery target blocks. They are durable in a wide range of environments so no matter where you are. And, the blocks will perform excellently and the best kind of target blocks will resist both broad-head and field tips alike.

In contrast to other types of targets, archery target blocks offer the highest value for your money in the market. Alternative targets in higher price ranges aren’t quite as durable as the best target blocks and don’t have some of the added benefits such as resisting multiple bow tips. So, check out our reviews on the best archery target blocks for sale to make sure you’re getting the best twang for your buck.


Tophunt Traditional Solid Straw Archery Target

Tophunt Traditional Solid Straw Archery Target



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