Why the English Longbow Became Known as One of the Best Longbows in the World

Amongst the most feared weapons of the Middle Ages, the English Longbow brought many victories during The Hundred Years’ War.

A longbow was around 6 feet long, meaning it was sometimes taller than your average man. The most effective wood for longbows was yew, with records stating that the wood was imported so that the English could make their own bows. Due to their massive size and their weight, unstrung longbows could be used as bludgeoning weapons by themselves. It is no wonder why the English longbow came to dominate the battlefield.

English longbows had huge draw weights, meaning they could pack a serious punch and penetrate both chain mail and sometimes even plate armor (if there was the right arrow). Their strength was so great that a passage by Giraldus Cambrensis from the twelfth century mentioned how a Welsh arrow went through a mounted man’s mailed leg and saddle, reaching and killing his horse.

Draw weight is the weight it takes to pull the string completely, and the best English longbows achieved this thanks to their design, length, and wood of the bows, which allowed the draw weight to reach around 100 lbs. For perspective, Olympic archers’ draw weights are around 48 lbs. Longbows were clearly a force to fear.

In comparison to medieval crossbows, the best English longbows for sale were easier to make, cheaper, and much faster shoot. This meant that outfitting an infantry with longbows over crossbows was much easier, although for them to be used effectively they required more practice and strength.

Modern reproductions of English longbows for sale have been shown to reach a range of 250 yards. This meant that a trained army of archers would’ve had a rapid firing rate and an impressive range to go along with it.

Even if they were somewhat effective, even the best English longbows did not replace the main tactic of a cavalry charge. They were used to harass the enemy, and to prevent them from spreading out so much that they’d threaten the flanks or sides of the army. Archers would thin out the enemy’s ranks or would kill horses, essential to the enemy’s cavalry charge.


A Little More on the History of English longbows

English longbows earned their place in history thanks to the English victories during The Hundred Years’ War, at the battles of Sluys, Crecy, Poitiers, and Agincourt. The longbows won a decisive naval victory by killing various French at long range during the Battle of Sluys.

They were most importantly used during the Battle of Agincourt, were English longbows managed to keep the French army packed together, all the while thinning them out. This gave the rest of Henry V’s army the opportunity to battle effectively, even if they were outnumbered. Longbows were an essential part of English medieval military strategy.

As you can see, this weapon changed history in various medieval battles. If you’re interested in finding the best English longbows for sale, be sure to browse through our website. We have various recommendations and reviews on different models, so you know you’ll find the Longbow that will show the true might of the English army during medieval times.

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