What Bow Silencers Can Do for Your Archery Game

Bow silencers come in all shapes, forms, and sizes. There are the cat whisker designs as well as traditional leather options. However, there are many reasons as to why you would want to use a bow silencer. Pulling back the bow, these will silence the strings’ vibrations and help you be more stealth with your bow.


Bow Silencers Improve Hunting

Bow SilencerOne of the main reasons for having bow silencers is to help with missed opportunities. Every animal is very sensitive to the world around them. They hear things that even us humans can’t always here. And, the vibration of your bow is no different. That’s why having the best bow silencers are important to you and your hunting game. As well as it was something you would almost always see on your traditional bow archers. Losing a shot before you even got to take it is frustrating to even the avid hunter.


Using Silencers for Wounded Animals

Wounded animals is another GREAT reason for having silencers. When the animal hears your bow pulling back and the arrow release, it can move. This movement will lead to a less than perfect shot and cause wounded animals. This is something that no responsible hunter ever wants to see or do. Having silencers will help this. And, this is the very reason they would use them in the medieval days as well. We, today, have come a long way in understanding the silencers and what they do. However, even in medieval times, they knew that they needed to be as quiet as possible to get their prey.

Cut Bow Vibration

The silencers help with the vibration of the bow itself. Traditional bows have quite a bit of vibration and cutting this down will allow for better aim. Better aim combined with less spooked animals will equal a better shot. This helps with the kill factor, which in medieval days was vital to the survival of the archers family. And, arrows were not as simple as picking a few up online, they were handmade with pride.


Improve Arrow Speed

Improve Arrow Speed SilencersSilencers could also help with arrow speed. As the arrows are taking in all the energy from the string and not losing it with vibration. This is important as the traditional bows don’t have the arrow speed that a compound bow would. Saving this energy and putting into the arrow where it counts is important to the power of the shot.

Although there are different designs and looks to the silencers. Some have a more traditional look and feel that is certainly important to the medievalist. There are cat whisker style silencers as well as cloth and leather styles. And, of course, there are plenty for sale that will offer this particular look. However, the reasons behind the silencers and their need to be on the archer’s bow remain the same, even after the years.

The silencers shouldn’t weight down the bowstring and it should all the archer to use the bow with ease. Finding the perfect silencers means you may need to try a few and see what works best with your style as well as with your bow.

Mountain Man Beaver Balls String Silencer

Mountain Man Beaver Balls String Silencer
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