Why it is important to have leather archery bracers while shooting your bow?

Archery braces are used to protect the forearm of the person shooting the bow. It is commonly made of leather in medieval times.

However, they could have been made of bone or ivory as well. They are used to protect the forearm from the string of the bow and the fletching of the arrow. It also helps prevent loose clothing from getting entangled in the bow’s strings as well.

Imagine these men were on horseback trying to reach their target with their arrow. Nocking the arrow, pulling back on the bow and letting it go, only for the string to run into the forearm and leave a big welt or bruise. But, the worst of it all, ruining the shot as well. This could be devastating as it could mean the shooter’s life.

Remember, the arrows were not just picked up at the local department store. They were hand made and that all took time and resources. A good bracer could have prevented all of this.

The Best Archery Bracer

The best bracer should be comfortable for the archer to wear. It should be easy to use and work as it should. There are many forms of archery bracers, with different ways of attachment, so be sure to find something that you like and works well for you. There are also various colors of leather for the leather archery bracers to choose from.Archery Bracer

The decorative detailing is certainly not a must for the use of the bracer, but it is fun. There are all kinds of detailing as well. This is a personal preference, but definitely some great choices. There are heraldic emblems and other designs which will help you have that perfect look.


Types of Medieval Archery Bracers

Along with archery bracers, there are also finger guards which work well at protecting your fingers during shooting. This guards combined with the archery bracers will keep your hands and forearms safe from the strings of the bow. Just be sure to find something that fits your personal style and look.

Medieval Archer BracersDuring a battle, injuring yourself is not an option. It is important to keep you protected but mobile. And, nothing does this better than leather bracers. There is all different styles of protection to meet your needs and personal preference from shoulder to finger or just forearm protection. This full arm armor is the most protection you can get from a leather archery bracers, however, some people just prefer to use the forearm protectors. This is merely a personal choice and preference. Some don’t like the interference that a full armor leather has with their shot. While others prefer the protection and the look of the full arm armor.


Find that Perfect Medieval Look Today!

If you are looking to get your personal best medieval look together, leather archery bracers are just the thing. Anytime one sees the medieval reenactments, there are always these bracers on the arms of the archers. Get your medieval perfect look today.

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