Why it is important to have leather archery gloves while shooting your bow?

We have set out to find the best medieval archery gloves for sale. We understand that when you are trying to look the part of being medieval, it is important to have attention to detail. After all, in the medieval days, there weren’t all these fancy things we have in the modern world.

Remember though, gloves aren’t a fashion accessory, in the day, they served an important purpose. They were used to protect the fingers from being cut by the strings as well as other reasons. They also offered protection during those hand to hand combat. And, were great for hunting as well.


Medieval Gloves of War

Medieval archer GlovesDuring a battle, the gloves played an important role to protect the hands of those that wore them. They were there to give the fighter a better grip. As with most battles, people would sweat and the grip from the sword to the hand would become less effective. With a nice pair of leather or suede gloves, this would improve the grip and allow the fighter to focus on other things. They were also there to protect the archer’s hands from the strings of the bow as well as the tip of the arrows.

During a heated battle, it was hard to not get cut by your own arrows and/or sword. Having this layer of protection allowed you the fighter to focus on more important things. The gloves also offered a better grip on the arrows and bow as well. As the fighter would grab these things, there was a bit of tact to the hands with proper gloves. Leather offers a good grip that is important on many levels such as grabbing and getting on a horse, holding onto your weapon and protecting your hands from injury.

A Medieval Archers Protection

leather archers glovesMost of the time these gloves were made from an animal hide in the form of leather or suede. They were fitted to the archer’s hands to ensure a good fit. The leather gloves were often worn by medieval archers and that’s why we believe that they are important to mention here on the Medieval Bows and Crossbows Hub.


No Interference with the Longbow or Arrows

Finding the perfect leather archer’s gloves for sale and determining which fits your looks the best has never been easier. We have taken the time to gather a nice collection to choose from.

Remember, that all the gloves are not created equal and you should look at the size as well as the color and look of them. Some are designed for men, while others are designed for women. And, the leather archery gloves should fit correctly, as they would in the medieval days. This was very important then, as they didn’t want them too big and slipping off.

During battle as well as practice shooting it was important that they had a proper feel and grip about them as well. Proper fitting gloves allow you to work with your longbow and arrows without any interference from the gloves. They are basically a second skin to your hands. And, they should feel very natural and comfortable.

ArcheryMax Handmade Leather Three Finger Archery Gloves

ArcheryMax Handmade Leather Three Finger Archery Gloves
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