Why it is important to have a leather archery quiver while shooting your bow

When looking for the best medieval archery quivers you should be looking at something that has that look of the medieval times. A leather archery quiver is a far better option than something made of plastic. After all, plastic didn’t exist in those medieval times. And, there are many many options out there for a nice looking leather archer quiver that has the medieval feel.


First, what is a leather archery quiver?

leather archery quiverA Quiver is a place that the archer stores their arrows. Some are a very simple design without any pockets, however, others offer pockets in which can hold tips, gloves and other accessories the archer needs to bring along. Many times in the medieval days the archer would carry this bag across his back or his side to ensure he was ready for battle or hunting. There are many reasons that medieval people were archers. Often times we think of just the medieval battles, however, they also used it as a sport as well as for hunting food.


Choosing the Proper Leather Quiver Size

The archery quiver must be long enough to hold the arrows but not so long that they are hard to reach. Many times the arrows will stick a bit out of them too. However, there are designs that have a cap or lid that will be placed when the leather archery quiver is not in use to protect the arrows.

Proper Leather Quiver SizeA good archer always has his arrows within easy reach and ready to be nocked. This archery quiver traditionally offers the arrows to be grabbed over the shoulder or from the side of the archer. The leatherback quivers as well as the side quivers are made from high-quality leather and do not contain any plastic components. This ensures that your leather quiver will have the must needed traditional look. There are many leather archery quivers for sale so be sure you choose one that not only offers the best look but also the best function for your needs.


The Right Medieval Arrows

There are also many different styles of medieval arrows for sale as well. Finding what arrow you are going to use as well as the length will help you find the perfect quiver. You will want a quiver that will fit those arrows. Some traditional medieval archers prefer to shoot wooden arrows to keep with the traditional medieval look.

There are often different styles of tips on the arrows as well from field tips or Medieval tips. The arrows come in various weights as well as styles and materials. Finding that perfect arrow will help you find the perfect quiver to compliment them.

And, finding the right size for the person is important as well. Leather archer quivers come in all different lengths. There are youth quivers as well as adult ones. And, it is best to find one that suits your size and stature. It isn’t any fun and you don’t always have time in medieval days to carry all the arrows in by hand and stick them all in the ground for use. So, be sure to check out the various quiver selection we offer for sale today.

TOPARCHERY Traditional Handmade Leather Quiver

TOPARCHERY Traditional Handmade Leather Quiver
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