The Best Medieval Weapon Books In Today’s Medieval Market

Looking to improve your medieval knowledge? Books are a great resource to learn and educate yourself on all kinds of various topics. And, there are certainly some great books that speak all about the medieval weaponry and what they were used for, why they had them and information about them. This is why we have set out to find just the latest books that are both informative and easy reads.


Great Medieval Weapon Books:


Records of the Medieval Sword by Boydell Press

This book was written after forty years of intense research looking at the double edge medieval style sword. This knightly sword was used in the middle age and span from the great migrations to the Renaissance. This book depicts the makings of the medieval sword. There are over 400 images of various swords and information regarding each sword including the sword of Edward III. Both scientific dating and swordsmith’s art are included in this book. If you are really into Swords, their make up and how they were used, the Records of Medieval Sword is a perfect choice!

Records of the Medieval Sword by Boydell Press


A Knight and His Weapons by Dufour Editions

If you are into medieval weapons you probably know that Dufour Editions is a great man that has studied this very subject for over 40 years. With this, he has also written some very informative books. And, A Knight and His Weapons is not any different. This book will go over maces, lances, swords and a vast array of other well-crafted devices that were used by the knights. It also goes on to talk about how the knights would go to battle and the “fight books” that they studied. Many of these weapons are ornate and beautiful but deadly and efficient as well. Many knights were trained as boys and would become full knights by the age of 15! The book goes on to discuss the cost of armor as well as other fun and amazing facts for knights.

A Knight and His Weapons by Dufour Editions


The Real Fighting Stuff by Tobias Capwell

This is a book that was written by a jouster himself, as well as carrying a Ph.D. on fifteenth-century armor. He works in the Glasgow museums and warns you that the museum cannot give an accurate representation of what the armor looked like in medieval times. Most of the armor that survived is large and metal like, however, the majority of the armor was made of leather and softer materials. This combined with what the public wants to see has caused a great loss in the armor itself. He will talk about how the armor once looked and the inner pieces that aren’t always shown in the museums. Also, many times the museums are putting armor together that wasn’t meant to be.

Armor of Vogts of Matsch from 1440 is discussed as well as what each piece and plate of armor was called. This book rather than glorify the armor gets really into the very detailing of the armor. It talks about the real-life stuff that many of the other books don’t discuss. This is clearly written by someone that has a huge love for the time period and armor. And, it is a bit of fresh air to read as it is real to the true time period.

The Real Fighting Stuff by Tobias Capwell
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