FAQ for the Medieval Archer Hub

1) What Is The Medieval Archer Hub All About?

We want to help people who are new to Archery learn how to get into the art of Archery. Then, recommend the bows and/or equipment needed to get started.

For experts or the ones who already know the ways of the “Archery force” (Totally “not” a Star Wars reference by the way), we want to help by recommending the top quality traditional archery items that outperform the archer’s expectations + see if we can teach you something that you have never heard of (related to Archery of course).

Come learn more about us here (Opens a new tab).


2) Have You Used the Bows, Arrows, Crossbows and Any Other Products That You Are Reviewing?

Yes, I or my girlfriend have personally used each one or at least have purchased from the brand selling the product before. Most of our reviews are on our home page right here when you scroll down to the bottom but there are a few within the pages of our site as well.


3) Can I Read Your Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Do You Have A Disclaimer?

Yes, you can read our Privacy Policy here (Opens a new tab), our Terms of Service here (Opens a new tab) and you can find our Disclaimer here (Opens a new tab).


4) Can I Contact The Medieval Archer Hub if I Have Questions?

Yes, click here to contact us (Opens a new tab) with any questions you have.