Why Toparchery bows are the some of the best medieval style bows you’ll find on the market!

Toparchery bows are a traditional style of recurve bows that will certainly sharpen your archery skills. If you are looking for the true experience in a bow, these is a perfect choice. These bows offers a sleek and eye-catching design in a durable construction. Both beginners and experts can agree these lightweight bows is perfect for everyone. It comes completely assembled and ready to use. They are right or left handed bows, that are one piece and made from wood or fiberglass. The riser is laminated with black walnut, beech, sandalwood, and ash. Its design lends itself well to having the perfect grip for the perfect shot.


Various Draw Weights for More Speed

Choose from the various draw weight, which will determine the speed of your arrow. The higher the draw weight the faster the arrow flies. This means that lower the draw weight the slower the arrow.

These bows are not particularly suited for hunting deer. However, small game is certainly an option or use these bows for bettering your archery skills. These are also very lightweight from less than a pound to a couple of pounds depending on the style of Toparchery bows you are looking at.

Each traditional medieval bow is long, which is typical of these styles. This length gives it that certain “look” many of us love from the medieval era. Some offer two silencers on these bows that will take the vibration out of the string and silence the bows for more accurate shots. This also offers a unique look to the bows with the silencers attached.

Some important information regarding bows and arrows

The size of the bow will tell you the size of the arrows that you should use. The arrows should always be the draw length plus one inch. These bows can use wooden arrows, which go with the medieval theme better than others, but aluminum and carbon could be used as well.

These are a traditional style of recurve bows, which means they are a simple style that are similar to that of medieval times. Of course, with any of the medieval looks, you need to go with what you think will enhance your creative look. We love these bows for the medieval look and believe you will as well.



The Toparchery bows are very nice and lightweight bows that will get the job done. These bows have a long sleek design that is perfect for those that are looking for that medieval look as well as a bow that can deliver. These bows will work for both right and left handed people and is affordably priced. Most of the bows are made of fiberglass and laminated with wood. This keeps the bows nice and light, however, it also helps with its usability as well. And, this wood layer offers that great wooden traditional look.

If you are looking for the best recurve bow option, take a look at the Toparchary bows. We love these bows, there look, and the functions and are confident you will too.

50 lbs 53” Toparchery Handmade Traditional Recurve Bow



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