The best medieval bows you will find at the Southland Archery Supply

Southland archery supply offers an amazing selection of traditional style longbow designs. We are happy to offer our most honest reviews of some of their amazing medieval style bow products as we love Southland Archery Supply and are sure you will too. These bows offer a traditional medieval look that is sure to please. If you are looking for a long medieval bow that has that oh so perfect traditional look, look no further than Southland Archery Supply.Southland Archery Supply bow

Every traditional style bow has a single string with a recurved bow design. Today they are often made of fiberglass and laminated in wood to give them that traditional wooden bow look. Most of these bows are not just appealing in looks but also in function. They are designed to work as the traditional bows would. In offering our reviews of these medieval bows we hope you find something you like or something interesting at least. These reviews are meant to help you decide on what bow is perfect for you. So, let’s take a look at some. Of course, there are many many options and selections to choose from, even within the Southland Archery Supply.


50lb Southland Archery Supply SAS Pioneer Traditional Wood Longbow

Shooting with a longbow means that you will have to have perfect skill. This style of bow takes practice and patience. This is the traditional style of bow, however, it is designed with the traditional look in the combination of modern technologies to improve the bow’s overall endurance. This is a premium quality that would be expected from the folks at Southland Archery Supply. This bow has a traditional looking arrow rest that offers out of the box shooting capabilities. It has a padded grip that offers a superior feel when using the bow. And, it offers a draw weight of only 35 lbs, which is far less than some of the other options. This is nice for those that are just starting and are looking to improve their game. However, you can choose 40-55 lbs as well.

50lb Southland Archery Supply SAS Pioneer Traditional Wood Longbow


Southland Archery Supply SAS 30-35lbs 22-29″ Robinhood Long Bow w/Armguard

The Southland Archery supply bow is another fine recurve traditional bow. This bow is perfect for entry-level archery. The Robinhood longbow is perfect for those with smaller hands as well. Which makes it a perfect selection for children and young adults. This traditional recurve bow is lightweight and affordable. It offers an arrow rest and armguard with this bow so it arrives and you are ready to shoot. This bow is made for smaller game, however, it’s really designed for target practice and improving your aim. It will not work to hunt large animals such as deer or bear.

Southland Archery Supply SAS 30-35lbs 22-29" Robinhood Long Bow w/Armguard


Southland Archery Supply SAS Maverick 40lb One Piece Traditional Wood Hunting Bow

Yet another great recurve traditional bow design. This particular bow allows you to choose from 40 lbs to 50lbs for the draw. This is clearly a bow for the more advanced than some of the other options we have here. This bow does not come with an arrow rest, arm guard, stinger tool or string wax. This is a sleek designed bow that offers that traditional look that many here are looking for.

Southland Archery Supply SAS Maverick 40lb One Piece Traditional Wood Hunting Bow
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